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ideas for rank challenges.

So, I play in a pretty large online game, and I have a problem.

-Players are generally encouraged to challenge other players for rank when the time comes.
-I stink at coming up with rank challenges.
-There are a bunch of young Philodox Cliath who will soon be challenging for Fostern.
-I play one of only two Philodox above Cliath in the game.

I know the Storyteller's handbook has some ideas for rank challenges, but what interesting rank challenges have you seen? What do you think makes for a good Fostern or Adren rank challenge? I'm mostly looking for Philodox-appropriate ideas, and ideas that aren't tribe-specific, but if you have a great one for a Ragabash or a Galliard, or one that would only work for the Bone Gnawers or the Get of Fenris, share it too. Ideas are good! Often they can be adapted a bit to make them more appropriate for the specific situation.
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