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Introduction. . . and an idea

First off, even though I see I know a few folks here already, I'll introduce myself.  I'm Eric, an old school Werewolf player who's recently gotten back into the swing of things by dusting off the books and ST'ing.  Sadly, I've probably forgotten more about the game than I could hope to relearn anytime soon.  I like long walks on the beach, howling at the full moon, and the smell of BSD blood in the morning.  It smells like victory.

Anyway, I'll probably start posting game sessions, npc's, etc. here when I can, for advice and the use of others.  I may have a stupid question from time to time to refresh the old gourd as well.  Old school White Wolf forum goers feel free to represent.

And now, just for a bit of fun, I have an idea that's been rolling around in my head about the Apocalypse. . .

Someone mentioned the other day how in the "A Tribe Falls" portion of Apocalypse, there's no option for a tribe to be utterly and completely taken over by the Wyld.  This is sad in that while everyone keeps their eyes on the Urrah who might fall to the Weaver, or the large number of tribes who could fall to the Wyrm, nobody seems to mind that a few tribes skate close to the Wyld (Black Furies, sometimes the Red Talons when they're not eating people, some Children of Gaia, etc.).  On the flip side, this is a great opportunity to mess with players who picked up that book when they were told otherwise.

Now, one of the few things Garou tend to agree on is that, in some shape, the Wyld is the weak member of the Triat, and that's who you fight for.  Some sympathize with the Wyld, others talk of balance, and some just really hate the Wyrm and/or Weaver, but they all protect the Wyld, under the fear that it's losing, causing harm to Gaia.  While Revised books tend to make sure that it's well known that the Wyld is NOT your friend, the misconception still tends to reign heavy, or at best, this concern is put aside because of the above reasons.  What if it turns out, though, that all along, fighting to protect the Wyld was just a very, very bad idea.

Maybe the Wyld finally just lashes out like a dying animal, or perhaps it was smarter and more together than anyone realized, and the whole Weaver/Wyrm conflict was planned for whatever reason.  The overriding reason the Wyld ends up being the enemy may well be that creation as we know it has an expiration date, and the time has come due to either wipe out this version and create a new one, or just end it all as a failed experiment.  It doesn't matter really what the cosmology is, so much as it will start slow and get nasty when the innocence wears off.

In the worst of the conflict between the Triat, where cities expand out to calcify, and pollution and destruction render both cities and rural areas into wastelands, it rips up Gaia and makes things worse for everyone.  Enter a small, yet expanding group of Garou who change strategy slightly.  Start off with a bit of surface chaos that tends to get people back into cities while at the same time renovating cities to have more and more sparks of wildnerness.  Basically, this keeps the scab-haters happy by isolating the issue, and the city-dwellers and others are happy with the idea of nature working from inside the city (think growing plants on the tops of buildings, small gardens in parks, etc.).  It seems innocuous and like a clever way to solve some distractions from the bigger battle.  Tailor the approach to whatever tribe you pick to have fall farther and farther to the Wyld. 

While this is going on, have said tribe start making pacts with spirits and learning new Gifts.  It would start small, like helping with cleanup of various taints, causing life to grow faster, etc., or even the ability to help evolve flora and fauna to their environment.  As time goes on, and the tribe starts getting more out of line, chaos starts happening.  Suddenly those plants in the city start growing quicker and quicker, breaking up sidewalks and tearing down buildings. All the newly born animals that were dying off before start coming into town looking for food.  Minor mucking with the weather to straighten out growing seasons and bring in more food bring more and more severe weather.  The tribe pulls farther and farther away from the Garou Nation, and is less about saving Gaia and more about literally just using nature to wreak havoc and chaos. 

When it really hits the fan, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc. are the norm, and the Weaver and Wyrm are fighting back extra hard, just making it worse.  Humanity is in shambles, likely having gone through several wars and displacements over resources, natural disasters, and all other sorts of havoc brought on by the sheer chaos and shifting landscapes.  New life forms come and go at will, never really falling into balance.  Cats sleeping with dogs.  Mass hysteria.  The end result of this is that either everything turns in to a giant state of flux, which is equally as bad as calcification or utter and total void.  After all, the Wyld is not your friend either.

Well, all this happens, that is, unless the PC's are able to help stop it, or at least keep it from getting too bad when a tribe falls to the Wyld.  I suppose the other option is to just have a tribe withdraw entirely into the woods, sometimes helping, sometimes attacking, but mostly just pulling away numbers, but that isn't as dramatic or fun.  This is nice because it's more of a mindfuck and leads to some unholy alliances with the Weaver's brood and even *gasp* Black Spiral Dancers and other Wyrmspawn. 

Personally, I would love to see the Black Furies or the Children of Gaia end up being the ones to fall in this way, out of some sort of healing effort gone awry and leading straight into hubris.  It would even be fun to have the Glass Walkers do it as a bit of bio-chem/urban renewal gone wrong, especially since everyone assumes they'll go to the Weaver.  It could even be something the Uktena pull off in some vain attempt to try to control the Wyld, just like they attempt to tame the Wyrm. 

Now that I think about it, I really like the idea being something the Children of Gaia do.  First off, nobody expects them to do anything useful anyway, and second, nobody would bat an eye if they tried a "back to basics" and urban renewal campaign.  There's also the fact that after millenia of trying to keep the peace, a good number of them would be frustrated by not being taken seriously, and be happy to cut out of the Concordiat.

Thoughts?  Complaints? Recipes? Death threats? Pie?


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