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Kinfolk Kapers

Hello folks.

I need some inspiration. I'm one of the Storytellers for a fairly large online game, and my particular responsibility is managing and entertaining our Kinfolk population. Though the PC Kinfolk in the game have some opportunity to get involved with the storylines that get thrown at the Garou, mostly in a support role, making use of research skills, Influences, Contacts and Allies, I also like to give the Kin the chance to be the stars from time to time in their own storylines. I have some ideas, and some plots are going already, but I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas about how to give Kin something to do.

Here's my situation:

Two separate settings, one set at an Urban Sept in a large, west-coast city and one set at a Rural Sept near an American Indian reservation.

About 20 active Kin PCs.
Most are middle class/upper class concepts, educated professionals - lawyers, business owners, doctors, teachers, academics - with a few cops, craftspeople, mechanics, and street kids thrown in for fun.
Glass Walkers and Shadow Lords are the predominant tribes both for Garou and Kin, but I have a good population of Get, too, plus at least one of every other tribe but Uktena and Wendigo.
The Garou game is quite politically charged, but mostly about survival in the big city. Kinfolk are very well-tolerated and interact very freely with the Garou within the Bawn of the Caern and in the building that serves as the Sept's center of operations.

About 10 active Kin PCs.
Most are Uktena/Wendigo, as those tribes dominate the Caern, but a few other tribes (Lords, Fangs, Get) are represented as well.
I have several law enforcement/park ranger concepts, a country veterinarian, and a couple working-poor folks, mostly on the rez.
The Garou game here is less political, more a traditional game of "defending the Wyld". Kinfolk do not spend as much time interacting with the Garou within the Bawn of the Caern, though they are allowed there with permission.

I'm not necessarily looking for suggestions specific to what I described, though I threw it out there in case it inspired anyone. Mostly what I'm hoping for are general, flexible suggestions about what sorts of plots are suited to Kinfolk characters. Any thoughts?
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